Gamers Nirvana – your kick-ass custom built computer on your terms.

This is the boss that you thought you’d never beat – the level that has just delivered that critical health boost when you thought all was lost – and the release that went far, far beyond its predecessor.

With a custom-built unit you can
Balance and optimize the hardware including CPU, graphics card, and memory
Realize maximum frame rate to avoid choppy movement
Unlock maximum…

Designers Require Robust Tools. Custom Workstations = Greater Productivity

Create. Design. Innovate. Repeat.
That’s Your World.

Whether you are
   – an architecture firm,
   – a graphic artist,
   – an engineering firm or
   – any other professional

that runs processor-sapping, RAM-hungry applications, the tools of the trade–crucial to your work–include robust computers that will handle the rigorous day-to-day, minute-to-minut…

Why Now?

Tim was on a deadline with a massive project. This was not an opportune time for a computer glitch.

His files weren’t that big, so why was his computer running so slowly?

This laptop was, after all, a relatively new laptop, maybe two years old – this could not be a hardware problem already. How was he going to make his deadline without going crazy waiting on software to boot or files to…

FOFP Part II: Fear of Forgetting Passwords, More Tips

Having to constantly reset your passwords is one of the most irritating activities ever!
You know you are supposed to be responsible with your password by resetting them occasionally, but then you forget them!  What’s a crazed user to do?

How do you remember passwords once you have reset them?
Is it okay to use the same password for various websites?
So many things to consider!


Ever Forgot a Password?

There are few things that strike fear in the virtual heart of a computer user than forgetting a password.
On one hand you want to make a secure password for each platform or application, but on the other hand you want to be able to remember them without writing them down, right? Add on top of that the need to use passwords on your mobile device – a challenge even the most slender-fingertipped…

Computer Purchasing Advice | Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse

When customers purchase computers, the questions they typically ponder are

1.  Will this computer be the right computer for what I need to do?

2. Will this computer do everything that I need to do NOW and in the FUTURE?  

Cantrell’s Computer Sales & Service can minimize these concerns with our  “Test Drive” program.  This allows our customers buying any computer from us –…

Easy Access to Our New Location, Quick Drop off, Computer Repairs

The Veranda Shopping Center is just a block south of Cantrell’s Computer Sales & Service. With all the shopping potential there, we know you’ll be able to find your way to our shop as well.

Computer repairs, computer network issues, new and refurbished computers of all makes are available at our shop.  Our skilled technical consultants are available by phone or in our shop from 9 am…

Feeling the Heat?

Recently one of our customers emailed us asking about the “whirring” sound coming from his laptop computer. He recognized the sound as the internal fan as it turns on to cool down the unit. He wanted to know what generates the heat and if the laptop might be overheating. Here was our response:

Typically the hard drive will not cause overheating, although it does have a motor whic…

Pleasant Hill, CA – Trust in a Company that Shows Results: Hard Drive Replacement

There is nothing worse than needing to use your computer, and having a device that is super slow, or even worse does not work at all. These two symptoms typically are caused by a failing hard drive. If you use your computer for work or school a hard drive failure can drastically affect your life!

Typically, the best long-term solution is a hard drive replacement versus an attempt at a hard…

The Information You Want on Kaspersky Virus Protection Software

Ransomware infects laptop

Pleasant Hill, CA – The Information You Want on Kaspersky Virus Protection Software

Cyber security has been a huge topic in the news lately. With information leaks and thefts around every turn, it is imperative to have a good virus protection software on your own computer, whether it is for work or home. A company that provides this type of service is Kaspersky Virus Protection…


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