Friday AM Straw Poll Results – Pleasant Hill City Council Election

Here are the straw poll results as of Friday morning:

Carlson – 9.1%
Cloward – 7.3%
Durant – 34.5%
Flaherty – 41.8%
Flake – 20.0%
Rinn – 32.7%
Bonato – 38.2%
Braverman – 12.7%
Not Sure at 3.6%
Thank you for all those who voted and to all the candidates. The survey results have changed somewhat since yesterday, but continues to indicate that this will be a very clos…

Straw Poll Results – Pleasant Hill City Council Election

Here are the straw poll results as of 8 AM Thursday morning:

Rinn – 38.5%,

Durant, Flaherty, and Bonato tied at 35.9%

Flake and Braverman tied at 17.9%

Carlson and Cloward tied at 7.7%

Not Sure at 2.6%

Thank you for all those who voted and to all the candidates.  I think this survey indicates what I suspected, which is that this will be a very close race.  The survey also…

2012 Pleasant Hill City Council Election: Straw Poll

The 2012 Pleasant Hill City Council election appears to have created quite a bit of interest within the Pleasant Hill community.  Over the past week or so, I have heard a number of people indicate that they would like to know which candidates are leading in this local election.

While there are plenty of surveys predicting the status of various California measures or the presidential election,…

Beware of These Telephone Scams

We have had a number of customers who are receiving telephone scam calls when the scammer is trying to gain sensitive information from the customer’s computer.  You may want to read my blog so you can recognize this scam before you it is too late.  S…

Buying Notebook Computers for College Students

Recently a friend of ours from the Midwest asked us whether she should to buy a PC or a Mac computer for her daughter to take to college.  The daughter’s existing notebook computer (a HP consumer grade PC) was in the shop and would require $150 to get it going again.  While her daughter wanted a Mac, my friend was concerned with the higher cost.  She also asked my opinion on new versus…

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our newly updated Cantrell’s Computer Sales & Service website!  We wanted to offer a website that better describes our many services and computer equipment in a more user friendly fashion.  Please take some time to travel through our website and visit the pages that interest you.  We would appreciate any feedback by calling Wade at 925-827-1200.  You may also leave your…


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