FOFP Part II: Fear of Forgetting Passwords, More Tips

Having to constantly reset your passwords is one of the most irritating activities ever!
You know you are supposed to be responsible with your password by resetting them occasionally, but then you forget them!  What’s a crazed user to do?

How do you remember passwords once you have reset them?
Is it okay to use the same password for various websites?
So many things to consider!


Ever Forgot a Password?

There are few things that strike fear in the virtual heart of a computer user than forgetting a password.
On one hand you want to make a secure password for each platform or application, but on the other hand you want to be able to remember them without writing them down, right? Add on top of that the need to use passwords on your mobile device – a challenge even the most slender-fingertipped…

Computer Repaired in Concord with Remote Diagnosis

Tami of Concord California was having slow computer problems.

Tami lives in Concord.

Tami was having issues with her desktop computer, it was running very slow.

The problem that Tami is having is actually quite common, and there are several things that could be causing this to happen. So what should Tami do?

We all remember the first day we set up our brand shiny new computer, and most of us fondly recollect how fast it once was. We look…

Practical Cyber Security Workshop – Sept. 28 2016

The cyber criminals are becoming more cunning and it seems the bad guys are always finding a way in. In fact, the FBI projects ransomware attacks will cost up to $1 billion by the end of 2016! And, these criminal activites are reaching small local business and individuals.

Security experts now agree that the end users are the front line defense against these current cyber attacks,…

The Case for Upgrading Your Computer to Solid State Drives

We find that we are upgrading an increasing number of our customer’s computers by replacing the original mechanical hard drives with the newer technology solid state drives (SSD). Converting to SSD storage offers many benefits over mechanical hard drives. The opportunity to convert to SSD storage is becoming easier as the price for SSDs continues to drop and the manufacturers make advances…


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