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Computer Purchasing Advice | Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse

When customers purchase computers, the questions they typically ponder are

1.  Will this computer be the right computer for what I need to do?

2. Will this computer do everything that I need to do NOW and in the FUTURE?  

Cantrell’s Computer Sales & Service can minimize these concerns with our  “Test Drive” program.  This allows our customers buying any computer from us –…

Computer Repaired in Concord with Remote Diagnosis

Tami of Concord California was having slow computer problems.

Tami lives in Concord.

Tami was having issues with her desktop computer, it was running very slow.

The problem that Tami is having is actually quite common, and there are several things that could be causing this to happen. So what should Tami do?

We all remember the first day we set up our brand shiny new computer, and most of us fondly recollect how fast it once was. We look…

Tired of Phishing emails? Here are 10 Tips to Spot Them.

An example of a phishing e-mail, disguised as ...

Phishing emails seem to always be slipping into your email when you least expect it, and typically more frequently around the holiday season. “Phishing” is not new – the term has been around since 1996. Yet, phishing emails continue to evolve and persist in our electronic communications because it is VERY profitable for the bad guys.

Phishing emails try to extract sensitive and…

Cantrell’s Computer Sales & Service: Wireless Networks Can be Tricky

Wireless Networks Can be Tricky

Wireless network technology has advanced significantly over the last decade and its reliability has improved. However, it remains less reliable than wired networks and has additional challenges when setting up or troubleshooting. Sometimes the solutions are not obvious. This blog will discuss a few of the challenges that can be encountered when setting up or…

The Case for Upgrading Your Computer to Solid State Drives

We find that we are upgrading an increasing number of our customer’s computers by replacing the original mechanical hard drives with the newer technology solid state drives (SSD). Converting to SSD storage offers many benefits over mechanical hard drives. The opportunity to convert to SSD storage is becoming easier as the price for SSDs continues to drop and the manufacturers make advances…

Choosing a Computer Reseller

You need a computer system for school, your home or business.  Where do you go? Choosing the right computer reseller is as important as your hardware and software.  In the long run, satisfaction with your computer system depends on the reseller you choose.  Let’s take a quick look at the broad categories of resellers.
Small Value-Added Retailers
These resellers range from selling only on…

Beware of Computer Scams! – Pleasant Hill, CA

“Hello, I’m calling from Windows and I think your computer may be infected with a dangerous virus.”

We have had several customers who have received this type of phone call.  They weren’t really the victim of a dangerous computer virus – at least not yet!  Instead, they were the victim of an international scam.  The victims are instructed to follow a set of steps on their computer…

Save Big Tax $ by Purchasing Computer Equipment in 2012!

We at Cantrell’s Computer Sales & Service want to remind you to take full advantage of the expiring 2012 tax breaks.  Small businesses can save significantly on taxes by purchasing in 2012 many types of “business equipment,” including computer hardware and software purchases.  This tax break will end December 31, 2012.

Some of my business customers are approaching me to purchas…

Protect Your Laptop and Desktop Computers

You’ve invested a lot of money in that new computer.  Cantrell’s Computer Sales and Service makes these suggestions on how to protect your valuable laptop and desktop computers.

 1. Invest in a padded enclosure for your laptop instead of just dropping it into a book bag.  Give it a little extra protection from bumping up against something.  Also, if you do choose to place your lapto…

Protect Your Data

Every day at Cantrell’s Computer Sales & Service, we are asked how to best protect the data on your computers and ensure that your work is secure. Here are three simple tips that everyone can easily follow:

1. Data Back Up. Be sure to back up your data to at least one location away from your computer – two would be even better. If your office or home were destroyed in an earthquake or…


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