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Custom Workstations for Designers and Engineers

Custom Workstations for Designers and Engineers

Graphics workstations: Work, create, design, innovate (and we’ll do the same)
Engineers, architects and professional designers.

You rely on a litany of powerful (processor-sapping) software – they’re the tools of your
trade, critical to your creating designs for the next innovative structure, the upcoming
project that you’re yet to win, or the building design that you’ve given blood, sweat and
tears for.

Your workstation should be built around the many everyday challenges that you face,
and the design tasks that you must undertake.

Graphic design. It’s an art form…

And an underappreciated one at that. You toil over a hot keyboard for hours upon hours
– the movement of a single pixel, the change in pigment by a single Hex number. It’s a
tough, but beautifully inspiring gig. You’ve perfected your processes (for the most part,
at least) – but when your computing equipment glitches, slows or just plain won’t play
ball, you hit the equivalent of writers’ block – putting your equipment into a perilous

Digital designers, engineers, architects, kitchen designers, and every design invested
profession in-between have never been truly understood in the computer retail realm –
and whilst manufacturers like Apple and Dell can be a popular options for your trade,
even these high spec (and high priced) solutions may not meet your every last whim.

We believe that it’s high time this changed – that your computing power and tool of
your trade should meet your every need (and so much more besides). After all, Van
Gogh wouldn’t have put up with pencil and paper when what he really needed was a
fully loaded palette and a finely crafted easel.

Think of our custom built graphic workstation as Norman Foster’s and Michel
Virlogeux’s Millau Viaduct – a computing solution built for the ways in which you
work – for your exact profession.

Your profession – your passion – let’s consult

We consult with you to find out about how you work, and the demands that your
designs place on you (and moreover, how your current equipment may be failing you).
We’ll ask about the software that you use – the designs that you create and how your
computing equipment could help you improve your workflows.




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