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Equifax Breach: How to Protect Your Information

Equifax Breach: How to Protect Your Information

Recently, Equifax had a breach affecting millions of people’s personal information. Ranging from social security numbers to driver’s license numbers, and everything in between. People were in an uproar, as the perpetrator was not known, and neither was the plan for the information they stole. Our team understands the fear with information theft, and have compiled some information that may assist those affected.

Are You Affected?

First off, there is a website that offers details as to WHO was affected by the breach. ( ) This can tell you if your personal information was stolen. Equifax is also offering a free year of credit monitoring. Remember that enrolling in free credit monitoring does not protect you from being compromised, it only allows you to catch it early.

Password Errors

Every account is protected by a password these days. That security feature does you no good if you use the same password across several accounts. This is easier to remember for sure, but leaves you vulnerable to hackers. Instead, use unique passwords for each account using a series of number and letter combinations. Avoid names, dates, and favorite items, as these are the first to be guessed. Use a combination of letters, both CAPITAL and small letters, numbers and special characters (~ ! *) if allowed. Also, use long passwords with a length of 14 or more.

Virus Protection Software

Information theft often begins with a virus. This is easily avoidable with a virus protection software package. We can help you with this using both free or premium security software. Ask us how today!

Would you like to hear more about the Equifax Breach? Are you interested in hearing more ways to keep your information protected? Reach out to speak to our team today!

Written by: Cantrell Computer Sales & Services, Inc. – Pleasant Hill, California


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