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The Information You Want on Kaspersky Virus Protection Software

The Information You Want on Kaspersky Virus Protection Software

Pleasant Hill, CA – The Information You Want on Kaspersky Virus Protection Software

Cyber security has been a huge topic in the news lately. With information leaks and thefts around every turn, it is imperative to have a good virus protection software on your own computer, whether it is for work or home. A company that provides this type of service is Kaspersky Virus Protection software.

Ransomware infects laptop

Ransomware is one form of malware

What Happened?

They are well known as a household name for this service, and more lately they have been known for a more sinister aspect. When NSA had tools stolen from contractors, it was believed that the Russian software was how they did it. Since this theft, the US government no longer uses Kaspersky.


Is the Software Still Usable?

When you want a virus protection software for your personal use, Kaspersky is still a viable option. The software does as is intended. We recommend using Kaspersky until its expiration date.

However, there are many other options that can provide more favorable results such as MalwareBytes. We now sell and recommend the new version of MalwareBytes, version 3.0, because it is a more robust software than many security products, including Kaspersky. It protects against viruses plus other malicious software (malware) such as spyware, worms and Trojans. Note that since Malwarebytes version 3.0 includes an anti-virus, Malwarebytes should be used alone and not with any other anti-virus product like Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee, etc.

Protecting Your Information

Using a security protection software is important for the safety of your information and devices. This is not the only step you should take in your computer security, though. There are other details to take into account:

  • Choosing unique and long (14+ characters) passwords for each separate account
  • Do not click on random popups
  • Do not give out your information to unknown sources
  • Do not download items to your devices that are from unknown sources

These are just a few tips to follow that when paired with your virus protection software, they can keep your information and device secure!

Would you like to learn more about Kaspersky Virus Protection Software or Malwarebytes? Are you interested in finding more options for computer’s security? Call us today!


Written by: Cantrell Computer Sales & Services, Inc. – Pleasant Hill, California

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