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Why Now?

Why Now?

Tim was on a deadline with a massive project. This was not an opportune time for a computer glitch.

His files weren’t that big, so why was his computer running so slowly?

This laptop was, after all, a relatively new laptop, maybe two years old – this could not be a hardware problem already. How was he going to make his deadline without going crazy waiting on software to boot or files to download?

The problem is actually quite common, and there are several potential causes.

All Tim wants for his computer to work like it did when it was fresh out of its box from the manufacturer: bright, shiny, and fast.

Tim called a computer repair shop to see if there was a solution. When asked about the problem, all he could say was, “Everything runs super slow!”

Confirming that Tim had an internet connection, the computer consultant suggested that he be allowed to remotely log into Tim’s computer to see what the problem was.

Tim was thrilled with the idea that there might be a potential diagnosis via a remote diagnostic checkup and delighted with the idea that he wouldn’t have to drive to the repair shop for service.

He allowed the consultant to connect with his computer and run a few tests.

Once the consultant saw the results from the remote diagnostic tests,  he was able to detect a failing hard drive. He informed Tim that he would be able to come by and do a hard drive replacement at his home the next day.
The next day when the consultant arrived he was able to clone the hard drive as well as delete malware and do a tune up on the computer. With the new hard drive installed and all diagnostics complete, the consultant gave the old drive back to Tim for safekeeping.

So when your computer starts to slow down, getting a remote diagnosis is a quick start to a solution. 

Not all problems can be detected remotely, but more often than not, it can be determined whether or not a visit from the computer consultant is necessary. And this can all happen before the hard drive crashes altogether or damaging malware brings your work to a screeching halt.

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