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Protect Your Data

Protect Your Data

Every day at Cantrell’s Computer Sales & Service, we are asked how to best protect the data on your computers and ensure that your work is secure. Here are three simple tips that everyone can easily follow:

1. Data Back Up. Be sure to back up your data to at least one location away from your computer – two would be even better. If your office or home were destroyed in an earthquake or fire, or you were the victim of theft, your back up would also be destroyed if you keep it right next to computer. You can also use a free service like Dropbox as a back-up in the Cloud. Or take your home back ups to your office and vice versa. Just like you practice earthquake and fire drills, do a periodic “fire drill” to see if your backups are capturing all your data and that you can retrieve this data easily and completely.

2. Passwords. Use passwords and encryptions to protect sensitive data. Control who has access to these passwords – keep them locked up and not sitting on top of your desk. I remember a colleague who kept their passwords in a file in their desk drawer labeled “Grandma’s Recipes.” Good idea!

We also recommend using stronger passwords that include both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special charactors when allowed. One technique to generate a stronger password that can be easily remembered by you is to generate a password from a phrase such as, “I left my heart in San Francisco in 1954 at Embarcadero.” For this example, I will use the first letter of each word keeping the upper and lower case and changing “at” to “@”. My password then becomes “IlmhiSFi1@E”.

3. Safeguards. Establish and implement safeguards to protect your data. Physical safeguards include preventing intrusion into your data and guarding against natural and environmental hazards. Be sure you have policies and procedures to insure you really do protect your data regularly.

If your computer does fail before you can implement safeguards, call us at Cantrell’s Computer Sales & Service (925-827-1200) to get you back up and running. Located in Pleasant Hill, we serve the entire East Bay including Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Concord and Martinez.

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