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Protect Your Laptop and Desktop Computers

Protect Your Laptop and Desktop Computers

You’ve invested a lot of money in that new computer.  Cantrell’s Computer Sales and Service makes these suggestions on how to protect your valuable laptop and desktop computers.

 1. Invest in a padded enclosure for your laptop instead of just dropping it into a book bag.  Give it a little extra protection from bumping up against something.  Also, if you do choose to place your laptop and backpack.  Make sure that the laptop is positioned so that it is not going to flex or be crushed by adjacent books.  We have seen many laptop screens that are broken when the laptop is flexed inside of a book back.

2. Avoid extreme temperatures.  For example, never keep your computer in the trunk of your car where it can become very hot or very cold in the Bay Area.

 3. Avoid placing liquids and foods close to your computer.  You want to prevent spills at all costs.  A spilled liquid into a laptop typically requires an expensive repair.  Or, in some instances, the laptop is unrepairable.

 4. Unplug cords to your laptop when not in use.  You don’t want to trip over those cords and damage your computer or yourself.  A frequent repair that we see is a broken laptop  jack which is caused by some jerk or stress on the power cord when the power plug is in the laptop jack.

 5. Maintain airways around your computer to avoid overheating.  Excess heat will cause premature computer failure.  Make sure your laptop is on a smooth, hard surface (versus a soft pillow or mattress) and place your desktop computer in a “breathable” location.  Don’t keep your computer in an enclosed area (like a cabinet) where air can’t circulate around it.

 Despite your efforts to protect your computer, sometimes accidents happen.  Call us at Cantrell’s Computer Sales and Service (925-827-1200) for the best computer repair and best computer sales.

Located in Pleasant Hill, we serve the entire East Bay including Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Concord and Martinez.

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