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Tired of Phishing emails? Here are 10 Tips to Spot Them.

Tired of Phishing emails? Here are 10 Tips to Spot Them.

An example of a phishing e-mail, disguised as ...

An example of a phishing e-mail, disguised as an official e-mail from a (fictional) bank. The sender is attempting to trick the recipient into revealing confidential information by “confirming” it at the phisher’s website. Note the misspelling of the words received and discrepancy. Also note that although the URL of the bank’s webpage appears to be legitimate, the hyperlink would actually be pointed at the phisher’s webpage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Phishing emails seem to always be slipping into your email when you least expect it, and typically more frequently around the holiday season. “Phishing” is not new – the term has been around since 1996. Yet, phishing emails continue to evolve and persist in our electronic communications because it is VERY profitable for the bad guys.

Phishing emails try to extract sensitive and confidential information from you (incl. passwords, financial data such as banking and credit card information, or money) by pretending to be a trusted entity. These phishing emails will masquerade as trusted entities such as airlines, banks, telephone and shipping companies, and job sites. Unfortunately, we at Cantrell’s Computer Sales & Service have seen a few customers who have been victims of these phishing scams.

Phishing costs over $747 million according to FBI

The FBI reports that just one form of phishing that they classify as “Business Email Compromise” has affected over 7,000 victims in the USA who lost over $747 million! For more information on Internet Crime, see the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at:

We hate to see the pain our victimized customers go through after being a target of one of these scams. A few of our customers have lost over $1,000 before they recognized they were being scammed! We hope you take less than 3 minutes to read this very timely blog from Brien Posey of TechRepublic on how to spot a phishing email. His 10 tips include a combination of common sense and specific checks (like “spoofed” websites:

We should always remember to use our “6th Sense.” Be aware of something that JDLR, “Just Doesn’t Look Right”

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