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The Case for Upgrading Your Computer to Solid State Drives

The Case for Upgrading Your Computer to Solid State Drives

2008 Intel Developer Forum Taiwan: Intel SSD 80G.

2008 Intel Developer Forum Taiwan: Intel SSD 80G. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We find that we are upgrading an increasing number of our customer’s computers by replacing the original mechanical hard drives with the newer technology solid state drives (SSD). Converting to SSD storage offers many benefits over mechanical hard drives. The opportunity to convert to SSD storage is becoming easier as the price for SSDs continues to drop and the manufacturers make advances in SSD storage capacity. In many situations, we are replacing a failing mechanical drive when customers bring their computers in for service. However, the benefits of SSD storage technology are sufficient to warrant this simple upgrade. They are:

  1. Improved responsiveness of aging systems,
  2. Increased user productivity,
  3. Lower power consumption. Thus laptops run longer on a battery charge,
  4. Improved durability for laptop data storage,
  5. Runs quieter, and
  6. The Total Cost of Ownership calculation of this investment is positive.

Increased productivity, longer useful life, and reduced support costs can more than pay for this upgrade cost. Here are two questions we suggest you take a moment to answer:

  1. How much does computer downtime cost you?
  2. Could you be more productive if your computer is more responsive?

These answers for your unique situation can help you make a decision whether an upgrade to a SSD is worthwhile. According to statistics provided from Intel, 6% of mechanical hard drives experience failure in less than three years of service, whereas 27% of hard drives fail after three years of service. To avoid future repair costs and downtime, we suggest you consider upgrading your mechanical hard drive if your existing computer is over 2 years old. How much of a performance gain can you expect out of your PC, Mac, and laptop? PCWorld Labs ran a benchmark on various systems and saw overall performance gains ranging from 50 to 100% performance improvement! For more information, see their review at: Please note that not all SSDs are created equal and performance can vary widely! Please contact Cantrell’s Computer Sales & Service and we will help you make this upgrade decision! Wade Cantrell is the owner of a value-added retailer, Cantrell’s Computer Sales & Service which is located in Pleasant Hill, California and has been in business for over 16 years. For further advice on computers and computer-based solutions, call Wade at (925)827-1200.

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